Video Conference

Yes, you can be in two places at once.  Videoconferencing gets you there, wherever that may be, without ever leaving here.

While in Richmond in one of our comfortable videoconference suites, you can conduct a deposition of a witness in a distant location and see the witness in HD, hear the witness clearly, share documents and create a video recording for use at trial.

We are in the business of making your life easier.   Through our global network we can find and connect to a videoconference site in any major metropolitan area.  Our technicians will test the internet connections prior to the videoconference and monitor the quality of the feed during your meeting.

Conduct meetings or interviews with multiple parties who participate  from around the world.  Halasz will find a videoconference room conveniently located to your colleagues .  Save time, and forget the hassle and expense associated with travel.

“Mobile” videoconference, with quality better than ever, can bring your parties together for a deposition or meeting via their PC, Mac or smart phone, with up to 25 participants.

Halasz Videoconference has two videoconference suites and two conference rooms located at 1011 E. Main Street, Suite 100, Richmond, VA  23219.

  • Videoconference Services:
  • ISDN or IP conferencing
  • DVD recording of your videoconference
  • X-ray viewbox
  • Visual presenter/Elmo
  • Mobile conferencing
  • Trial preparation with out-of town witnesses
  • Out-of-town expert witness interviews and consultations

Contact our scheduling department now with any questions at 877-741-5200 or book your video-conference here.

” …. I wanted to thank you and the folks at your office so much for the great services …  we got great assistance from Keith, Joe and Geneva, all of whom are terrific to work with and professional in every way.”

-Bud Schill, Esq., Partner, McGuire Woods

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