Worldwide  Litigation Services

Virginia is home to Halasz Reporting & Video, but we are personally connected to our partners in National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.  If you have a need for a reporter within the Commonwealth or anywhere in the United States, Canada or Europe, Halasz Reporting can save you time and effort locating and scheduling a court reporter, videographer, conference room or multi-media trial specialist.


Litigation Services:

  • Locating and scheduling court reporters and  videographers
  • Locating and scheduling multi-media trial presenters
  • Locating and renting monitors, computers and other equipment for trials and depositions
  • Locating and scheduling videoconference sites
  • Coordinating and testing videoconference connections to ensure quality audio and video
  • Locating and scheduling notaries
  • Handling the shipping and copying of exhibits

“George Halasz and his staff provide excellent court-reporting and videography services throughout Virginia, as well as access to the  latest videoconferencing technology that makes taking depositions remotely practical and less expensive.  George’s own involvement in the work highlights the personal, local touch, as does his strong and lasting support of the local bar.  When needing to take depositions out of state, Halasz has connected us with independent reporting firms which provide similarly excellent service, making the choice to support our local firm an easy one.  Halasz’s equal treatment of all clients and strict adherence to the ethical standards  of the National Court Reporters Association also make it easy to recommend the firm to colleagues from other states looking for a Virginia reporter, often resulting in rave reviews from those colleagues.”

-Roman Lifson, Partner, Christian & Barton, LLP


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