Court Reporting

Simple or complex, big or small, each deposition, hearing or trial deserves the services of an accurate, impartial and trustworthy court reporter to provide parties a verbatim transcript in a timely manner.

Services provided by Halasz Reporting include Real Time, same-day rough transcripts, same-day certified transcripts, PDF word-searchable files, mini-transcripts, and  transcripts in a variety of formats, including ASCII (.txt) and PTX.

Do you have an audio or video file which needs transcription?  We can turn your audio and video recordings into printed words.

Professional Court Reporting Services:

  • Real-Time reporting
  • Same-day delivery of rough or certified transcripts
  • Secure transcript and exhibit repository accessible 24/7
  • Transcript and video synchronization
  • Digital exhibit linking to the transcript
  • A variety of transcript formats, such as PDF, PTX, TXT
  • Transcription from DVDs, CDs and other audio files
  • Word searchable files and word index files
  • Mini transcripts

“As a patent litigator based in Hampton Roads, I have worked with Halasz Reporting for many cases over the past ten years. They are the most capable, professional, and expert court reporting firm I have worked with.  While my cases have primarily been pending in Richmond and Norfolk, the clients and witnesses have been located all over the country, and Halasz handles all of our needs, nationwide.  Their rates are far superior to national firms in larger cities, and their expertise is unmatched – especially in technical, scientific, and very complicated cases.  Halasz brings the most cutting edge technologyto bear in all of its cases.  I cannot recommend them strongly enough, and I would not choose to work with anyone else.”

 -William Poynter, Esq., Partner, Kaleo Legal




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